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Book Projects by Phyllis Uitti-Maslin

Phyllis Uitti-Maslin and Keith Winston are two individuals who have come together to work on a creative process which blends their fields of photography and poetry. For “Mystic Messages” Phyllis created collaged photographic art pieces and Keith interpreted them poetically. For “French Kiss” Phyllis gives her interpretation of Keith’s’ love poems with sensual images. “Rialto Beach” is a collection of poems and images created while visiting this beautiful beach on the Washington coast. They work in their personal styles, blending beautifully together.

Two pages from “Mystic Messages” can be found below.

Invitation to a poetry reading with images:
“I'm very excited about this month's reading. Keith Winston will be flying in from the East Coast to read poems created in collaboration with the images of Phyllis Uitti-Maslin, a Duvall resident and a nationally renowned photographer. Phyllis's mesmerizing black and white photos will provide the backdrop for Keith's poetic exploration of the senses. I loved Keith's work and found it highly... evocative.”
~ Katherine Grace Bond ~

Keith Winston has written many books of poetry, including his first book, Five of Hearts (1979), Nameless (1997), Life on a Nearby Island (1998), Helga Suite (2000), Price of a Ticket (2003), and an audio CD Calling Ahead of Time: Collected Poems. A new audio/music CD of the Davenport Variations will be available in 2007. Currently, Keith lives in McLean, Virginia.

When asked why he writes: “It's simply a deep felt need to elaborate on the mystery I call life, with its emotional highs an lows, the undeniable ties we have to others, the hunger to love and be loved, and the uncertainties of one day to the next.”














Allow the moment to ride on a
ghostly silhouette
the trick is never to stop pursuing the answer
that is the journey to the thin blue horizon
which marked the last exit
swimming out of a hole of debris
across acres of stretched canvas
to the bayouıs flat doldrums
with the scent of orange peel spreading
inevitably as a warm wind steals south each winter
manipulating the fleshy net
as a cube of sugar in lukewarm water
bubbled with a gasp back to the surface of the present
and strange music broke through the humming blood veins
on a muggy June afternoon

~ Keith Winston ~

















Itıs the feeling you get
plunging deeper and deeper
into the perfume haze altering your equilibrium
is this state of mind that has no end or
beginning or the whereabouts of a logical thread
that weaves unpredictably through the hours in a day
or is it the night that dominates
at body temperature in close proximity to
the trickle of emotional awakening
seeing the light peer through
by way of a pinhole
seeing deep into the mystery of the folds
of soft tissue and the perfume haze altering your equilibrium
itıs impossible to go back to what was a blank nothing
when youıre in the heat of the freefall

~ Keith Winston ~


Mystic Message


























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